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Should India allow China to connect Kolkata with Kunming with a bullet train high speed railway track?



Ankit Naphade

Definitely not. Its completely wrong project. If our govt approves it then I don't think we could find such foolish govt in world. We are not service provider for rest of the world to develop other countries area. Bangladesh have so much population still they are not developed. We defended Rohingyas, with this project they have clear path for India. Bangladeshi will come like flowing water. Now only condition is worsen because of Bangladeshi people in West Bengal and nearby states. And why connect with China? What we will get? Its not Europe, US or Russia to connect for development. Its Bangladesh and China. What the hell wrong with these people to think of suck project!?



Soumya Chakraborty, M.Sc Computer Science, Saarland University

It is a good initiative, of course !! Almost every project has to deal with some concerns or the other but according to me this will be a boon for all the countries involved.

Kolkata is located strategically and neither the state government nor the central government is interested to reap on it’s benefits. Kolkata should have been well connected with Kunming, Bangkok and other closely located international cities by now, but it is not. Good international road and rail connections are essential for a developing country like India. The above mentioned project can well be a big step in that direction. From Kunming, cities like Hong Kong and Hanoi too are well accessible. In Europe, all the big cities are well connected by rail, road and air and inter-country buses and trains ply freely without any hindrance.

I understand India’s current political relations are not that smooth with it’s neighbors but that should not be an excuse for stopping an initiative like this. Bengal, throughout the decades have bore witness to numerous project cancellations, industry shutdowns and mindless apprehensions regarding technological influx. It is high time, we shed that narrow political mindset of ours and allow this project to be implemented. Stringent security measurements need to be enforced though and people need to have an open mindset too. I sincerely believe it will be a success at the end, if all pieces fall into their proper places, I am being too optimistic though






Prabhanjan Kulkarni, High Speed Rail is the new future.

Lets keep this simple No you dont offer your land,water,air anything to Enemies like china , they dont want to develop , they just want an highway to their dominationwhere political establishment hasnt been in favor of Central Govt and half state is filled by illegal immigrant by neighboring country stop thinking just about Bullet train its just isnt about train to Kolkata why not build train all the way to Mumbai ?
Nothing is free in world there are always some hidden agenda with Chinese.
Think/Imagine if something happens near Pak India border near Guj , Army can carry 1000 soldiers all the way upto nearest Bullet train station and move from there on within hr or so now Imagine 1000 chinese spy/tourist/soliders landing in Kolkata —Of course nothing like this will ever happen but you cant deny the possibility. ‘Karakorum highway’ and ‘Why Siachen is imp to India’ and obviously ‘chickens neck corridor’ , ‘Chinese army road construction in Bhutan’ all these things research them and try to connect the dots I hope you understand.





Sudhir Sharma, lived in India

When we are connected with Pakistan and Bangladesh by train route, with both country we have trade relations by road too and china by air and road route for Mansarovar Yatra.

So why we are worried about China, China has huge trade relation with India and thousands of people go to China for trade and tourism. India has Buddha circuit, especially nearby to Kolkata, Bihar has Buddha pilgrimage may give easy access to both country even India can earn on this proposals.

International Tourist may also come to India those on tour at China.

China has dispute with his all border Countries but in last 30–40 years no bullet firing with China.






Prem Chandran John, former Consultant, International Health Planning

Why not? This area — West Bengal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Kunming — is relatively less developed. China can connect this corridor. They have the expertise, the hardware and the experience of 250,000 km High Spped railway system. We can’t. We barely manage with our creaking railway system. The world is becoming a global village, let us be part of it.

While at it, what prevents us from building a bridge between India and Sri Lanka? Only 30 km and the South Koreans can build this quickly. The Chinese are connecting Hong Kong snd Macau.




Subhodeep Chatterjee

Why not?

Fools can allow virgin hyperloop to be built between Mumbai and some underserved nearby City, bullet train to another,rrts from delhi to another then why can’t Kolkata be connected with some good transportation. Are these some exclusives that only Mumbai and Delhi should enjoy? Centre will not invest anything in Kolkata,only spending in Mumbai and Delhi,if somebody else is investing in us why are they getting red faced? Nonsense




Syamantak Saha, Data Engineer (2000-present)

As a technology entrepreneur, I am always concerned about Chinese products ‘dumped’ into a market, including that in India. This ‘dumping’ of products into a market stops innovation, business, education and of course the realms of public money including tax revenues and RBI measures. Before a developing country like India, gets an infrastructure connection to China, it should first be implemented in import-export rules, job creations, scientific research and development and improved basic infrastructures in India, including telecommunication lines. Otherwise, this project would just open up India to even more ‘dumped’ goods, completely in a ‘black economy’ that would ultimately cause job losses, fiscal and monetary failures and a leading complete dependency of India on China.



Bharatbhushan Sharma, works at Indian Railways

there is no harm if it is done but in the present scenario it is not going to ha荣华彩票官网ppen.although we are having trade relations with china involving millions but we have no faith in them. where the faith factor is negative such projects are not beneficial for any of the participating nations.



Shubham, Passionate about High Speed Trains

Coming to the teased Kolkata-Kunming bullet train corridor, how many of you have heard Kunming's name? Of those who have heard, how many know where it is located?

If not, then I should tell you that Kunming is the capital of Yunnan province located in south-west China. It is 1500 km away from Kolkata by air. As of now, there is only one airline connecting Kolkata & Kunming directly with about 3100 monthly passengers. Shandong Airlines to cease Delhi-Kunming flight in end March




Why a bullet train on this route doesn’t make any sense?

The distance between these two cities would be doubled to about 2800 km and even a bullet train would take 14 hours to cover that distance (this is assuming that train wouldn’t be stopped on borders for checking and immigration purposes) which the flight now cover in only 2.5 hours. Even with the check-in, boarding, immigration, baggage claim processes; the total travel time would be under 6 hours.
For any high speed train service to be viable, there must be a large number of daily business/corporate travellers in the route. The teased routepassing from Kolkata - Bangladesh - Myanmar - Kunming has no such claims. In fact, most of the people coming from Bangladesh & Myanmar to India are illegal immigrants.
Myanmar has itself a bunch of problems with failed infrastructure. The capital city boasts of many amenities that are generally available in the rich countries. The only thing that the capital of Myanmar lacks is people. A high speed rail in the country within next 2–3 decades would also suffer the same fate. Burma's bizarre capital: a super-sized slice of post-apocalypse suburbia





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Bangladesh is a fast growing economy but it still hasn’t reached the potential to undertake elite infrastructure projects. Bangladesh has a very short railway network and it should first look to revive with broad gauge tracks, electrified route, superfast trains, etc. The fastest train in Bangladesh has the average speed of only 57 kmph. This is Dhaka railway station during Eid.

Most of the business travellers between India and China travel from Delhi/Mumbai to Beijing/Shanghai/Hong Kong(if you consider it China). All these cities lie at the extreme opposite end of their geographical borders (except Delhi). Therefore a passenger train route will be very long and paying customers always want to take the shortest route possible, which is by flight.

China wants the revival of old silk route with huge infrastructure projects all around the globe. (Some call it debt trapping, Eight countries in danger of falling into China’s “debt trap”). India has been a historically important strategic place in the silk route but has refused to fall into Chinese debt traps. These new teasers wouldn’t make much of a difference as India knows its priorities





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